Homegrown – 8 great Irish companies to buy seeds from

One of the positive things to come out of the past year is a massive surge in people taking up gardening and a renewed interest in growing food. And while it is incredible to see so many people take to their gardens, it has created issues with being able to source seeds and garden equipment.

Because so many shops are closed under Level 5 restrictions, most people have taken to ordering seeds online and many suppliers are so inundated with orders, they have to temporarily close their online shops or have very little in stock at any given time.

You can read about my own struggles to get seeds in my latest post:

Many people who begin gardening are likely to grab seeds from their local supermarket, especially given that there aren’t many other shops open right now. While this can be a great start, and very handy given the current restrictions on retail, it is a great time to give some smaller Irish companies a dig out.

It is also worth saying, most supermarkets don’t sell more specialised varieties – or seed potatoes or onion sets, which are gold dust right now.

We have some great seeds suppliers in Ireland and it pays to shop around a bit to find what you need. So, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some great companies selling seeds in Ireland so you can support local Irish businesses.


I’m a huge fan of these guys. Based in County Mayo, Seedaholic has a massive range of seeds, including vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and herbs.

Each pack of seeds comes with a very helpful information on how to plant and they sell some very cool varieties. They also have very speedy delivery and are very reasonably priced.


Irish Seedsavers Association

Irish Seedsavers Association focuses on the conservation of heirloom vegetable seeds and Irish heritage apple trees.

They also maintain the country’s only public seed bank, with over 600 non-commercially available varieties of seed.

This is a great spot to shop for unusual seed varieties.

This month, they are running the Irish Seed Savers Community Seed Exchange, where they invite people to share and swop seeds.



My pals at GIY are based in County Waterford, where they have their wonderful Grow HQ food education centre and restaurant. You might recognise them from their show Grow Cook Eat, which airs on RTE One on Mondays at 8.30pm.

GIY have a great selection of seeds on their website. If you’re new to growing, their ultimate starter GROWbox comes with seeds, a grow guide, pots and compost disks and is a handy way to get started if you have no idea where to begin.


Brown Envelope seeds produces and sells certified organic vegetable seeds in West Cork. Much like Seedaholic, they are currently so busy they vie temporarily halted orders but keep them on your list.

I’ve ordered from these guys a few times and they are so reliable and the seeds are organic, which is not something you’re going to find in your local supermarket.


The Organic Centre

The Organic Centre in Leitrim provides training and education about organic gardening, growing and sustainable living. Their online shop have a large selection of seeds, all organic and ranging from veggies to green manures and edible herbs.


Mr Middleton

Mr Middleton is practically a Dublin landmark, with a shop on Mary Street in the city centre. They also have a great online shop with a huge range of seeds and bulbs.



Quickcrop is a great spot for all things veggie growing, from raised beds and compost bins to seeds and plants. They also promote organic growing.

A very handy spot to buy gifts for the gardener in your life.


Little Green Growers

Little Green Growers is run by a couple who sell organic plants and seeds grown on a family-run farm by the sea in Connemara. They deliver plug plants as well as seeds, so it’s a lovely option for anyone who just doesn’t have the room – or patience – for geminating lots of seeds.



Happy shopping, and happy spring! I’m planting tomatoes and aubergines this week and have piles of wood coming to the plot this weekend to build some sexy new raised beds, so will be updating you all on how it goes.

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