Fiona Kelly is an Irish journalist, editor and writer who has been growing food since 2012. 

Fiona believes gardening has a bad pubic image, all Latin names and horticultural societies, she’s here to change that.



I’m a journalist and newspaper sub-editor who has an allotment in Dublin, where I grow my own organic food. I do not use any chemical weedkillers or fertilisers.

I’m not a well-being fanatic, I’m will never be vegan, I love a few beers and it will be a cold day in hell before I consider myself a paragon of healthy living – I just adore gardening. 

But I think gardening has a bit of a crap public image. It’s all rose pruning and horticultural societies and Latin. 

I have no time for that.

I want to inspire people to grow some food, whether it’s on a windowsill, a balcony or in a garden. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need seeds, muck and a bit of enthusiasm. 

but are allotments not just for auld fellas in flat caps?

I’m more likely to be found in stilettos than in wellies. Not everyone who grows food is a farmer or a gardening expert. I’ve probably killed more plants than I’ve grown. I do it for fun. The fresh food is just a bonus. 

If you’d like to learn how to grow your own food, whether it’s at an allotment, at home, or even on a small balcony, you can find lots of helpful tips on my blog or get in touch

fancy some raised beds like these?

If I built my own beds, so can you. All you need is some wood, beer and (this is not the technical term) a fucktonne of muck

about the plot

My allotment is 100 square metres and overlooks the picturesque estuary in Malahide, north Dublin. 

I have seven large raised beds of varying heights, a polytunnel, a herb patch, a wildflower area, a picnic area, two large edible flower beds, and a pink shed – because life is too damn short for brown sheds.

The allotments in Malahide are run by the Epilepsy Care Foundation. Our rent money goes to the charity, which aims to provide access to epilepsy care from a centre of excellence and neurological health campus.

We have a lovely community on site and I have some neighbours who have become firm friends.

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