Fiona Kelly is an Irish journalist, editor and writer who has been growing food since 2012. 

Fiona believes gardening has a bad pubic image, all Latin names and horticultural societies, she’s here to change that.

Fiona only grows organic food and is not now, nor will she ever be, associated with chemical weedkillers or pesticides. 

Fiona has a 100sqm allotment – mostly full of weeds – in Malahide, north Dublin.


My allotment overlooks the picturesque estuary in Malahide, County Dublin. The plot is 100sq metres. I have raised beds, a polytunnel, a herb garden and a wildflower area


Raised beds: How I built them, filled them and what comes next

Building the beds was pretty easy, but, of course, when you have raised beds, you have to fill them full of soil before you can plant anything. They took – and this is the scientific term – a fucktonne of soil

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