so, am I a food-growing expert?

Not exactly. I’m a journalist and work as a sub-editor for Mediahuis, Ireland’s leading print and digital media publisher – we publish some of the most well-read newspapers in the country including the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, and The Herald.

But in my spare time, I can be found knee deep in muck and weeds at my allotment. I’m not a well-being fanatic – I just love gardening and nature.

But I think gardening has a bit of a crap public image. It’s all rose pruning and horticultural societies and Latin. I have no time for that. 

I write about the fun side of gardening, the disasters, the funny stories, the state of my fingernails, drinking cans of beer at the plot, stripping down to my knickers in the shed and having the door fly open, exposing my pasty Irish arse to all the auld lads on neighbouring plots.  My absolute inability to successfully grow lettuce.

I want to inspire people to grow some food. You don’t need to be an expert, you definitely don’t need to speak Latin. You just need to get dug in.

So if you fancy having a laugh and maybe growing a couple of carrots, you’re in the right place.

where have you seen me before?

In addition to my work as a journalist, I have written gardening pieces for publications including the Irish Independent, Irish Daily Star, Buzz,ie, GIY’s grow magazine and plenty more. 

I have given lots of talks and workshops on food growing, including at Bloom in the Park, GIY’s Food Matters stage at Bloom, Bloom Fringe and appeared on a number of podcasts. 

I even found myself appearing in an advertisement for Electric Ireland at one stage. Seriously, you just never know where planting one seed will take you. 

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