Citizen Kale

Ahem. Testing. Testing. *taps microphone*....if there is anybody out there, Fiona is back. Repeat, Fiona is back. Return of the craic. I know my lovely readers will have been wailing, keening, sweating and puking with severe Fiona withdrawal symptoms of late. I know you have all been sitting at home, wondering where I've been; spending … Continue reading Citizen Kale

How to grow parsnips – and get a toned arse in the process

Parsnips are a great divider of opinion, you either love them or you hate them, there is no in between. I adore parsnips, they're one of my favourite vegetables, especially when roasted with honey and fresh sage. Parsnips are the vegetable that converted me from a vegetable hater to a vegetable grower so they'll always … Continue reading How to grow parsnips – and get a toned arse in the process


Happy New Year fellow growers! I've been slightly off the blogging radar for the past few weeks, mostly due the a little event that takes place around the end of December every year. I have a busy retail management job so Christmas is pretty much a black hole for me in terms of social life, … Continue reading Planuary